The Life

Do you know someone who has lived life to the full, with an inspiring story to tell?

When a major milestone has been reached

Consider a Life & Times movie production for a momentous birthday, anniversary or retirement. There are few better ways to celebrate the life of a bold, fascinating and colourful individual.

The Movie

This is the emotive movie of a lifetime that people will talk about for years.

A big screen cinematic experience

Bringing together family, friends and colleagues, this is a film production like no other. Hear the stories, see the history and experience the magic.

The Event

Every movie premiere is an event in and of itself - this will be no different.

A surprise party with a twist

Just think of any cinema or big screen venue in the country. Your guests await as the main star enters to rapturous applause, and a front row seat where their Life & Times Production is about to begin.
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Perfect for special birthdays, anniversaries or retirements

  • The Ultimate Gift

    You would never buy this for yourself

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  • A Movie Premiere

    Unlike any you have seen before

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A Life and Times movie production will provide the recipient with a truly magical and unique experience. It really is the gift of a lifetime for an extraordinary individual or special couple.

People celebrate milestone birthdays, anniversaries and retirements every day. To make the occasion really stand out what better way than to present a Life & Times movie? It will be a wonderful moment, not just for the recipient, but also for each of the guests, many of whom may well have appeared in the movie.

5 steps in the making of a Life & Times movie:

  • Research background and character of the individual
  • Develop a project plan and shoot schedule
  • Filming of interviews and other supporting footage
  • Post production, editing and present first cut to client
  • Agree final cut and deliver at the special event