There is no set price for a Life & Times movie. Each production is uniquely tailored to the individual with many variables in the film making process. However, if you would like an indicative idea on cost please complete the quotation request form and we will get back to you within two days.

A Life & Times movie is the perfect gift. If you know a unique and colourful individual who is about to reach a major milestone this could be what you have been looking for. For example, a 60th birthday or a 50th wedding anniversary for a special couple. Also, a significant retirement could provide the ultimate platform for a Life & Times movie.

The film Will be made up of many things. In the main it will include interviews with friends, family and colleagues. Stories, loving memories, emotive moments, good times and laughs will be shared. In addition, we will bring in archive footage from old videos and photographs. We can visit locations that spark particular memories, add your favourite music and anything else that you feel will add value to the production. We can even include a presenter to help narrate and bind the story together. You can select a presenter from our extensive portfolio, many of whom are recognised household names.

Once you have decided to go ahead with a Life and Times Production we need to set a date for a research meeting. If the movie is for a family member it might be a good idea to include close members of the family at this first meeting. We will discuss the individual, their history, lifestyle, values, hobbies and interests. This is the ideal time for you to provide details of all the people you wish to include in the film. Any old movie footage and photographs that you want weaved into the movie should also be highlighted. Funny stories and unusual character traits should be shared, and of course very important to the final movie production, their favourite music. There is a lot to cover here at this first meeting, so to make the best use of the time we would send you a form for completion prior to our get together. Wherever you are based we will come to you or if you prefer you can come to our offices in London.

There really is no standard length as of course every life is different. To give you an idea we normally aim for around 60 minutes. For some it could be longer and for others maybe less. It is important that the audience is kept entertained with a good balance of pace and storytelling.

Once you have approved the final edit the movie can be screened whenever and wherever you choose. A Life & Times Production is compatible with any large hi-definition cinema screen, which means you can hire any cinema in the country for an exclusive private event. Of course, if you would prefer something more intimate and have your own in-house cinema room then that can also be accommodated. Also, many luxury Hotels have small cinema screens, which would be ideal for a movie event where guests need to be catered for.

A Life & Times movie production is a highly personal narrative of an individual’s life. Many of our private clients place great importance on their privacy and it is in our interest to ensure it is fully protected. Every movie we make is delivered exclusively to the client and is not shared online or offline with anyone else. Confidentiality is fundamental to our business and our reputation depends on it.

This depends on how complex the production is. If you are planning for a commemorative event we recommend allowing as much time as possible. We need to spend time researching, scoping and planning in addition to the film shoot itself. Filming can also happen overseas which is likely to impact the schedule. As a guide we would recommend at least 3 months from the commissioning of the movie to the actual event.

Yes, we can film footage from most places in the world with a few obvious exceptions. Life & Times have a global network of film crews, so if you have friends, family or colleagues residing abroad they can easily be included in your production.

You can include anyone in the film that you wish. Whoever can add value to the production should be considered for inclusion. This will include family members, close friends, colleagues and associates. You may wish to go back over many years to interview people with whom there has been little contact for some time. For example, school and college friends.

We are able to edit the movie with any music you like. This is because the film is not being shown to a public audience. It will not be shared online, but only to your private selected audience via DVD or the main cinema event. Life and Times have a PRS license that covers the use of any popular music within our productions as long as we adhere to these guidelines of private viewing only. We are sure you will agree a Life & Times movie production will benefit greatly when it includes the very best music and particularly when it evokes special memories and emotions.

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